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How To Choose Chef Shoes: The Shopping Guide

Footwear might be the last thing you consider the most important part of a chef's uniform. However, professional chef shoes are way more important than most people give them credit. Chef shoes aren't just about appearance alone, they offer both comfort and safety for chefs. Kitchens are usually rough environments to work in because no matter how clean a kitchen floor might be at the start of each day, it will eventually get dirty and slippery once water or grease spills on it.

Professional chefs spend 12 to 16 hours a day on their feet. Hence, it makes chefs susceptible to foot pain. Thus, it is essential for chefs to have comfortable, supportive and slip-resistant shoes.

We have been selling chef shoes across the world for over 20 years now, and we know what professional chefs are looking for when they are on the market for the best chef shoes! Here are our 10 tips on how to choose the right chef's shoes.

9 tips for choosing the right chef's shoes

1. Look for Slip Resistant options

One of the essential features of kitchen shoes is their ability to grip the kitchen surface, especially if it is slippery. In a kitchen environment, timing is everything. Hence, it is essential for your kitchen crew to remain active without thinking about slipping down on some oil or water.

slip resistant shoes

The chef and other kitchen staff should be protected as much as possible. If you want to choose appropriate kitchen shoes, ensure that shoes prevent slipping, sliding, or falling. A lot of professional chef shoes use anti-slip technology in their soles, which is created to increase traction with kitchen tiles.

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2. Durable material

When it comes to material, chef shoes can be manufactured from almost anything! Manufacturers can use various materials to create chef shoes that will be comfortable and easy to wear and use. Some of those materials include heavy-duty canvas, leather shoes, and EVA material. However, most chefs prefer clogs from EVA materials that are soft and water-resistant, their design is slip-resistant, durable, lightweight and safe.

3. Slip-on Shoes Vs. Non-Slip Shoes

chef shoes

Most chefs prefer wearing slip-on chef clogs. There are a few reasons chefs prefer to wear slip-on chef clogs. Slip-ons don't have laces. Hence, they don't require retying every time a lace comes loose. Since there are no laces on these shoes, chefs are less likely to trip and fall. Chef clogs are easy to put on and take off because they are one-piece constructions.

4. Comfort and Support

dressy chef shoes

Proper footwear for a chef uniform should be comfortable and provide support. On no occasion should a chef wear unsupportive shoes as it will limit their functionality. High-quality chef shoes always support the feet. Due to the long hours, a chef stays on their feet, wearing unsupportive shoes can make the crew slow, irritated and less productive.

Thus, it would be best to choose lightweight shoes that offer extra arch support to your muscles and joints. Shoes with arch support will reduce the likelihood of your chefs having joint pains. Furthermore, always choose a shoe with room for your feet to breathe. Nothing is as discomforting as putting on tight shoes. 

5. Removable Insole

shoes with removable insoles for chefs

A good and reliable insole should support your feet while absorbing shocks. Such an insole must adjust itself to the shape of your feet. Also, removable insoles are more hygienic because you can easily wash your soles without getting the shoe wet. Since soles lock bacteria in, washing your soles separately saves you from bacteria and other microorganisms. 

6. Extra Protection

A proper chef shoe should provide additional protection to chefs. In addition to being slip-resistant work shoes, great chef shoes should protect the chef from food scraps and spills of hot oil and other liquids. Furthermore, quality shoes should protect the chef's feet from sharp objects like knives that you can drop mistakenly.

7. Easy to Clean and Maintain

cleaning shoes

Any chef shoe should be easy to clean and maintain. Also, it would be of great advantage if you could wash these shoes without caring too much about water getting into some parts of them. Washing chef shoes prolongs their life. It also makes the chef and kitchen crew look clean and presentable.

8. Your Foot Shape

Not all kitchen shoes have the same shape. Hence, it would be best if you had the size and shape of your foot in mind while choosing a work shoe. Most times, people focus so much on the shoe size that they forget all about the shape. While the shoe might be your size, it might be slightly wider or narrower than the shape of your feet. To avoid such disappointments, ensure that you know the shape of your feet (whether they are narrow or wide) before you purchase any kitchen shoe.

9. Price

While researching a suitable kitchen shoe, don't forget to keep the price tag in mind. It would be best to work with your budget when shopping for a chef's shoe.

Importance of chef shoes

Chef shoes are one of the most underrated kitchen gear or equipment. While people take time figuring out the best aprons, kitchenware and other necessities for a comfortable experience, little do they tend to consider their shoes. However, it is worth noting that chef shoes are also important and will make your cooking easier. If you wear the proper chef shoes, you can move about easily because the soles can withstand slippery floors. Also, the shoes have comfortable soles that make it easier for you to stand for hours.

Another exciting thing with chef shoes is that they are built to last. Thus, buying authentic chef shoes means you will not spend money for shoes again in a long time. It wouldn’t be a good experience if grease spills on your fine shoes, yes? That’s where chef shoes come into play. Chef shoes come from quality materials that make it easier for you to wash them after greasy spills. Also, these shoes dry off easily after washing and do not hold bacteria like regular shoes.

When buying shoes, you should always remember that proper kitchen shoes will prevent your kitchen workers from slipping and falling.


What type of footwear should you wear in the kitchen?

    The type of footwear you must use in a kitchen should be lightweight. Furthermore, these shoes should provide extra cushioning for your comfort throughout your long shift. You must not forget to pick shoes that are also washable, durable, protective and breathable while picking your chef shoes. 

    What type of footwear must you not wear in the kitchen?

      It is best to avoid shoes that make you uncomfortable while working in the kitchen. Furthermore, shoes that aren't slip resistant shouldn't make your list of shoes to consider for a kitchen floor. You must not consider regular shoes you would use for official business or outings because they could get spoilt in the kitchen. One oil spill and it may never come off your expensive shoe again. Instead, you can go for a budget-friendly yet durable and breathable shoe that you can easily wash after a stressful day at work. 

      Which are the best shoes for crews in the kitchen?

      There are many shoes you could leverage for your crew working in the kitchen. You can purchase a slip-on shoe or go for lace-up shoes. It is best to use professional kitchen shoes if you want to enjoy your work. Most of these shoes (like the crocs bistro clog) have a memory foam that makes you more comfortable than regular shoes. These shoe companies consider the needs of chefs when making these shoes. Hence, you will notice that chef shoes from reputable brands are provide perfect support for you. These chef shoes can allow chefs to stand for hours without feeling any discomfort. Also, the chef's shoes are slip-resistant such that chefs do not have to bother about slipping while working in the kitchen. 


      It is no hidden truth that footwear are the last things you would consider when setting up a restaurant. Most things include pots, pans, plates, experienced chefs, and other logistics. However, as we noted, chef shoes are just as important as every other aspect of your restaurant. An experienced chef knows that chef shoes play a vital role in their productivity. Chef shoes are slip-resistant and make it easy to move about any kitchen that has a slippery floor.

      As you would expect, most kitchens have slippery floors due to oil spills, grease and other fluids that make their way to the floor in a busy kitchen. Also, chef shoes help chefs to stand for hours without feeling uncomfortable since they are breathable and lightweight. You could also leverage chef shoes because they are easier to wash. If you want your chef crew to be more productive, ensure that you consider the best chef shoes from reputable brands. 

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