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What to Consider When Buying an Apron?

Are you a chef looking for the best apron to protect your clothes or keep you clean while you are cooking? Or are you a restaurant owner who is considering buying aprons for your front-of-house staff? Perhaps you have a cafe and are looking to increase your brand awareness and the right attire to convey a cohesive and professional image for your staff and your establishment .

There are several different reasons why you might want to buy an apron - maybe for yourself, or maybe for your business, and in this guide, we are going to help you to decide which apron is the best for you.

There are a number of factors that you will want to think about when you are looking to buy an apron, including the best style for you, the fabric that it is made from, where it will be worn, and the features on the apron - for instance, pockets, cross back straps, or a tuxedo neck et cetera.


Why Should I get an Apron?

Whether you are a commercial business or a home cook, wearing aprons has many benefits for you:

  • Aprons can  keep clothes and uniforms clean and constitute hygienic protection by creating a barrier between clothing and potential sources of contamination, as well as being part of a uniform if required.
  • Aprons can  unify a team through the use of a single common garment - especially given that they can be worn by both women and men.
  • Aprons can  help to save money by protecting your clothes or uniforms  from spills, splatters, and other messes that might otherwise require you to wash or replace them..
  • Aprons may contain pockets that grant you easy access to important objects such as kitchen utensils, pens, or notepads.
  • Aprons can  fit people of all shapes and sizes.
  • Aprons are  stylish and can be branded and customized to fit a business's identity and brand image.

What Styles of Apron are There?

The first thing to consider when you are thinking of buying an apron is the style of apron that is best for you. There are several different styles, each with their  own traits and characteristics.

Chef Apron

aprons, chef weearing aprons

A chef apron is a classic, universally adored full-length bib-style apron, with a loop around the neck or over-the-shoulder suspenders and adjustable ties around the waist to secure it in place (and are also great for looping a tea towel over). It is designed to be a heavy  duty utility apron, made from good quality fabric, providing good protection of the clothes or uniform, thus designed to be more durable and resistant to wear and tear, as well as looking smart.

A chef apron is designed to be used by chefs in the kitchen, but can also be used by front-of-house staff.

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Butcher Apron

butcher apron, leather apron

Butcher aprons are like chef aprons in that they are heavy-duty, durable, hard-wearing, and full-length. They usually have blue and white stripes, ideal for not showing up any dirt, fat, or blood stains.

Although this type of apron can be used by chefs as well as by the staff, they are more commonly used by butchers.

Dishwasher Apron

Dishwasher aprons are specialized aprons that are worn while performing dishwashing duties. They are typically made of durable and waterproof materials, such as polyester and PVC, and are designed to protect the dishwasher from spills, splatters, as well as the heat and steam produced by the dishwashing machine.

Bistro Apron


A bistro apron is the kind of apron typically used by servers or bartenders. It is worn around the waist and will normally extend toward the ankles.

A bistro apron looks smart and elegant, and is flattering to the person wearing it while providing protection of clothing and keeping them clean. It is easy to move about whilst donning a bistro apron, and seems to be a current favorite when utilized in formal environments.


Short Bistro Apron

Short Bistro Apron

A short bistro apron is typically worn around the waist, covering the front of the lower body. It may have ties or straps that go around the waist and/or over the shoulders and may reach down to about the mid-thigh or knee level. . It is modern-looking,will keep you cool in high temperatures, super comfortable, and easy to move about in.

Short bistro aprons are normally used by front-of-house staff, such as servers or bartenders.

Other Considerations When you are Buying an Apron

When you are thinking about which aprons are suitable for you,there are some other factors to take into consideration:.

1. Fabric

The fabric that the aprons are made from is an important factor that needs to be taken into account . Do you need it to be hard-wearing? Waterproof? Stain resistant? Lightweight? Durable?

The fabric that you choose can have a big impact. You could choose a fabric that is color-fast, washable, and comfortable. You could opt  for a less expensive fabric or one that is extremely high-end , stretchy, shrink-resistant, heat-resistant, or tear-resistant.

Some of the apron fabrics include: leather, cotton, denim, polyester, polycotton, and PVC nylon.

2. Color

chef apron different colors

The color of the aprons is also important. There are two main factors to bear in mind when you are choosing the color - your business' branding, and how functional it is for the user. For example, do you want an apron that shows up stains or dirt, or one that hides them?

You should also think about the psychological impact of the aprons' color. Red or yellow, for example, are appetite stimulants, whereas blue is the least appetizing!

3. Customizable

Aprons are perfect to customize in a way that aligns them with your business' branding - or your personal taste. In addition to the color, you could add your logo or company slogan.

A logo or slogan can be embroidered or printed onto the apron, a pocket added, or cross straps used instead of over-the-shoulder suspenders, giving you a customizable look.

Who is Wearing the Aprons?

The person that is wearing the apron also affects the style of aprons that you choose. A chef, for example, will have different needs from a dishwasher or server. This should be taken into account when you are purchasing  your aprons.


Several features can be added to the chef aprons according to your needs and preferences. These can include features such as pockets, a cross back, various colors, or a tuxedo neck.

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Are Cooking Aprons Worth It?

In short, yes! Chef aprons are essential in the kitchen to both protect your clothes and provide better sanitary conditions, regardless of whether you are at work or home. Aprons are also a great idea for other people working in restaurants, bars, and cafes for the same reason - as well as helping them  look smart and further showcase  the company's brand identity.

Here at b-everyone, we have a range of aprons to suit your every need. So why not take a look through our website and find the apron that is perfect for you?


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