The Bragards are a family of tailors with expertise in the art of bespoke clothing dating back four centuries. Let's take a little journey into their vibrant past to understand where this family's generational know-how comes from. 


Nicolas Bragard established his first tailor shop in Saint-Etienne-Les Remiremont, a village nestled among the Vosges mountains. A few years later, Nicolas becomes the proud father of a boy named Eugène. 


Marie Louise Thomas began a small business in Saulxures-Sur-Moselotte, making and selling haberdashery and other novelty items to help raise the family's standard of living.


Marie's daughter Angèle took over the business and, soon after, married Eugène Bragard, son of Nicolas Bragard. She then opened a store in the village where she sold both ceremonial costumes and work clothes.


After Angèle's and Eugène's son, Henri, grew up, he began manufacturing innovative clothing for craftsmen. In 1933 he creates a butcher's apron in a robust canvas, which was soon worn by the entire profession. With his wife Simone, he designed innovative collections for the entire hospitality industry and brought great fame to their company.


Gilles Bragard, son of Henri and Simone Bragard, creates the Club des Chefs des Chefs, which brings together the chefs of heads of state around the world. Assisted by his wife Monica, who created all the collections, they developed the company internationally and established 8 subsidiaries in Europe, the USA, and the Middle East. Over 1000 seamstresses in Vosges, France, are employed for the production of the brand. 


In 2012, Benjamin L. Bragard, grandson of Henri Bragard, became the CEO and owner of Bragard Inc. in the USA. 


At the beginning of 2023, Bragard Inc. changed its name to Everyday Uniforms and began operating under the new company name with a mission to provide high-quality and classicly made uniforms for chefs and hotels at accessible price points. Everyday Uniforms combine traditional values that you only get from a company with so many years of experience with the modern practices that help the company operate effectively.