Japanese Chef Apron Buto


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Japanese apron made in Épinal, in the Vosges with 2 large low pockets.

✔ 65% polyester/35% cotton, 200 gr/m2 designed in the Vosges.
✔ 2 large low reinforced pockets to hold your kitchen utensils or your gardening tools 
✔ Kitchen or gardening apron, that is very practical and pleasant to wear.
✔ Unisex
✔ 4 colors available: slate gray, black, cream and red cherry.
✔ Possible personalization with the embroidery of a text or a logo. 
✔ Cross-straps at the back to relieve the neck
✔ Easy maintenance, does not require ironing.


Height: 75 cm
Width: 105 cm span>

Introducing our latest addition to the Everyday Uniforms collection - the "Japanese Apron Buto" by Atelier TB. This unique apron is made in Épinal, in the Vosges region, and is designed with functionality and style in mind.

Crafted from a durable blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, and weighing 200 gr/m2, this apron is perfect for professional chefs, kitchen enthusiasts, and even gardeners. It features two large low pockets reinforced by rivets, providing ample space to store your kitchen tools or gardening utensils.

What sets the Japanese Apron Buto apart is its sleek look and the cross-braid system at the back, which relieves pressure on the nape and allows you to wear it without any discomfort. With a height of 75 cm and a width of 105 cm, it is intended for both men and women, making it a versatile addition to your collection.

Available in four chic colors - slate gray, black, cream, and red cherry - you can choose the one that best complements your style. Plus, you can even personalize it with an embroidery of your choice, whether it's a text or a logo.

Our Japanese Apron Buto is easy to maintain and does not require ironing, making it a practical and convenient addition to your wardrobe. It's perfect for chefs, gardeners, and anyone who loves to cook in style. Shop now and get your hands on one of the best chef aprons available in the market!

Do you want to get to know the people behind the making of our pieces? We present them to you a little below . a little below . .

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Know-how kept in good hands.

Here is the team behind the manufacture of our products.
Élodie takes care of the cutting of the fabrics, Sophie manages the sewing, the hems or even the laying of the pockets when Sandrine checks that no thread protrudes from the embroidery.
And all these steps take place under the expert eye of our production managers Cathie and Pauline.
This is how more than 53 passionate little hands work every day to reinvent the French textile industry in our Spinalien workshop.
sapin vosgien

Everything in a small radius.

It is here, in the heart of the Vosges, that our workshop is dedicated to making pieces which, we believe, pay homage to the region's rich textile past.
This local know-how is based on a network of Vosges partners with whom we work hand in hand.

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There is no difference between a bib and an apron - a bib is simply a style of apron that provides coverage to the chest and torso, as well as the legs. Bib aprons are commonly worn by chefs and other kitchen staff to protect their clothing from spills and splatters while working in the kitchen.
Chef aprons and waist aprons both typically feature one or two pockets on the front of the garment.
A bib apron is a type of apron that provides coverage to the chest and torso, as well as the legs. It typically features a strap that goes around the neck, as well as ties that go around the back, to secure the apron in place. Bib aprons are commonly worn by chefs, as well as other kitchen staff, to protect clothing from spills and splatters while working in the kitchen.
Yes, from classic black chef aprons to colorful waist aprons, there is something for everyone available on everyda-uniforms.com
When selecting an apron with pockets, make sure to consider functionality, fabric and fit.